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1953 Packard-Henney Hearse
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This is yet another internet find, sourced from Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It's a 1953 Packard Henney Junior, one of only 380 made that year. The Junior can be identified by the lack of rear side doors, they were all 3-doors.  They were also much shorter, being on a Clipper stock frame of 122'' wheelbase. Henney made the Junior 1952-1954 only, and total production was less than 1,000 for all 3 years. They were available as hearses, ambulances, or combinations. This example was a hearse, and consists of the body shell, frame, all three doors, and the hood and fenders.  No interior, no drivetrain, and the body shell is pretty rusty.  The car is based on the 53 Packard Clipper, so the next step is finding a Clipper parts car.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ??

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